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Raised with care.

Our meat birds, layer ducks and guard geese are fed non-gmo grain and rotated through pasture, wooded areas and wetland paddocks. They spend their days outside foraging and swimming, rainy days are their favorite!

Whole Duck

Whole duck: Duck meat is rich and flavorful, more akin to red meat than poultry. Perfect for special occasions, holiday meals and weekend feasts. We recommend breaking the bird into parts and using the parts for separate meals. Cook breasts like your favorite beef steak, confit the legs and wings, save the carcass and giblets for a nourishing bone broth and use skin trimmings to render your own duck fat,

the olive oil of Maine!

Providing duck to local restaurants & butcher shops. See Contact & Location page for availability or contact directly for holiday purchases.

Half dozen

Duck eggs: Our ducks lay eggs that are larger and more nutritious than chicken eggs. Rich in healthy fats, and a secret ingredient in delicious baked goods. Great for Paleo, Keto and Gluten Free diets. Be on the lookout for a package with green colored eggs!

Year-long availability at a variety of Maine locations.

Whole Goose

Whole goose: This season we're excited to offer whole goose. Like duck meat, goose is more akin to red meat. Large and flavorful, goose is the perfect addition for a special celebration or a family holiday dinner.

Sold out until the 2023 holiday season.





Grass-fed Lamb

100% grass-fed lamb, a rich and flavorful red meat.

Contact us directly for special orders. 

See Location Page for local retail outlets.

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